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A module for storing the ever-increasing sequence files when following couchdb _changes feeds.

Saves the sequence ID in an atomic way, so that it doesn't clobber the file if it crashes mid-save. Only does a single save at a time, so you can bang on it repeatedy, and it'll avoid doing unnecessary file IO or weird cases where two writes cross paths in odd ways.


var SF = require('seq-file')
var s = new SF('sequence.seq')
console.log(s.seq) // 10 // won't actually save, because still saving the 10 
console.log(s.seq) // 11.  You get the idea. 
// some time in the future, another change comes in
// oh no!  crash while saving!
throw 'pwn' // file now contains "21", not "" 


  • frequency: modify how frequently a sequence number is saved.
var SF = require('seq-file', {
  frequency: 4
var s = new SF('sequence.seq') // this won't save (we only save every 4 increments). // this will totally save.