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SEO Hero is a basic tool to scrape TOP 100 google search results on any keywords. Feel free to contribute to this project by contacting me.


This package only uses three libraries dependencies to make it works :

  • "Request" to make http request
  • "Cheerio" to parse the HTML response
  • "Q" : to handle callback


Basically, the package is searching for the results about a keyword on the first page of google and return you an array about what he found. For instance, if you're looking results for seo hero keyword, create a search.js file and then :

var HeroScraper = require('./seo-hero');

HeroScraper.scrap("seo hero", function (error, result) {

This is going to return you an array of result objects ordered by ranking position (from the 1rst to the 100th) :

        title: 'Wix SEO Hero Challenge - Can You Outrank Them?',
        url: '',
        description: 'Nov 21, 2016 ... To combat that negative branding, Wix launched a contest where if you outrank \nthem         for the term [seo hero] in Google, they will give you...'
        title: 'Wix SEO Hero Contest | Support Center |',
        url: '',
        description: 'We\'re going to create a new Wix site optimized with the search term “SEO Hero”. \nYou\'re invited to create your own site (you can use any platform). If your site...'