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    SEO checker js

    Check given HTML with rules commit the expect on NodeJS



    npm install seo-checker-js

    Getting Start

    const checker = require('seo-checker-js');
    checker.check('file.html', checker.rule_img_without_alt, console);
    • The first parameter can be file path or Readable stream
    • The second parameter is object (or array of objects) of Rule
    • The last parameter can be file path, Writable stream or console

    For example:

    const fs = require('fs');
    const https = require('https');
    const checker = require('seo-checker-js');
    // merge all default rules
    var default_rules = checker.mergeRules(
    // get webpage content as readable stream
    https.get('', (rs) => {
      // prepare writable stream for output file
      var ws = fs.createWriteStream('result.txt');
      checker.check(rs, default_rules, ws);


    The pacakge supports 5 default rules in this pacakge:

    • rule_img_without_alt - shows number of <img> without alt attrubite
    • rule_a_without_rel - shows number of <a> without rel attribute
    • rule_head_has_title_and_meta -
      • shows <head> does not have <title>
      • shows <head> does not have <meta name="descriptions">
      • shows <head> does not have <meta name="keywords">
    • rule_strong_gt_15 - shows html has more than 15 <strong>
    • rule_h1_gt_1 - shows html has more than 1 <h1>

    Rule also can be customized, for example:

    We want to shows html has more than 5 <strong> tags, and have another rule to check if html has <meta name="robots">

    const checker = require('seo-checker-js');
    // just clone from default rule for strong tag
    let rule_custom1 = checker.rule_strong_gt_15.clone();
    // assign new counting number 
    // create a new rule check if html has <meta name="robots">
    let rule_custom2 = new checker.Rule('html').included('meta', 'name', 'robots');
    // Merge rules
    let rules = checker.mergeRules(rule_custom1, rule_custom2);
    // Do check output to file
    checker.check('input.html', rules, 'output.log');
    • .with() number of elements with given element, shows result if not expected

    • .without() number of elements without given attribute, shows result if not expected

    • .included() element should be has given element, shows message if not expected

    • .excluded() element shouldn't contain given element, shows message if not expected

    • .greater() element shouldn't had more than given number, shows message if not expected

    Rule supprted methods all have JSDoc for reference


    output will be looks like:

    number of img without [alt] expect=0 actual=2
    number of a without [rel] expect=0 actual=2
    head does not have title
    head does not have meta[name="descriptions"]
    head does not have meta[name="keywords"]
    number of strong greater than 15
    number of h1 greater than 1


    npm i seo-checker-js

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