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⚠️ Deprecation Notice ⚠️

Use @sentry/react-native directly

As of 18 Jan 2024, the release of Expo SDK 50, sentry-expo is deprecated and will no longer receive updates.

Migrate to @sentry/react-native

For guidance on migrating, please see our migration guides:

Install @sentry/react-native for the first time

For first-time installation guidance, please follow the installation guides:

Questions & Support

While official support is no longer provided, you might find help from the community in Expo Discord and Sentry Discord. Additionally, the documentation for SDK 49 and below will remain available as a reference.

Thank you for your understanding and support. If you have any questions, please open an issue in @sentry/react-native repository, and we'll do our best to provide guidance.

What the deprecation means for you

  • sentry-expo keeps working as is in SDK 49 and older.
  • No New Features: The library will not receive new features.
  • No Bug Fixes: Existing versions will not receive bug fixes.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: We will not address new security vulnerabilities.

Original below

runs with expo


This library provides a config plugin, a publishing hook script, and a JavaScript package to integrate Sentry into your Expo project.

Installation, configuration, and usage

Read the documentation:

👏 Contributing

If you like sentry-expo and want to help make it better then please feel free to open a PR! Make sure you request a review from one of our maintainers 😎


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