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This is an adapter for seneca-web using express.


A peer dependency has been specified for seneca-web And of course express must be present for this to work at all.

npm install --save express
npm install --save seneca-web
npm install --save seneca-web-adapter-express


Please refer to the seneca-web documentation on how to load routes.

You can require this module as the adapter when using the SenecaWeb plugin

const Seneca = require('seneca')
const SenecaWeb = require('seneca-web')
const Express = require('express')
const seneca = Seneca()
seneca.use(SenecaWeb, {
  context: Express(),
  adapter: require('seneca-web-adapter-express')
seneca.ready(() => {
  const app = seneca.export('web/context')()


The Senecajs org encourage open participation. If you feel you can help in any way, be it with documentation, examples, extra testing, or new features please get in touch.


Copyright (c) 2013 - 2017, Richard Rodger and other contributors. Licensed under MIT.