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Seneca Web Adapter Connect

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This is an adapter for seneca-web using express.


A peer dependency has been specified for seneca-web And of course express must be present for this to work at all.

npm install --save express
npm install --save seneca-web
npm install --save seneca-web-adapter-express


Please refer to the seneca-web documentation on how to load routes.

You can require this module as the adapter when using the SenecaWeb plugin

const Seneca = require('seneca')
const SenecaWeb = require('seneca-web')
const Express = require('express')
const seneca = Seneca()
seneca.use(SenecaWeb, {
  context: Express(),
  adapter: require('seneca-web-adapter-express')
seneca.ready(() => {
  const app = seneca.export('web/context')()