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seneca-stripe-pay - Node.js module

Stripe payments strategy for seneca-pay Seneca plugin

Dependencies: seneca-pay

NOTE: documentation is in progress. Take a look at the payment gateway example.


    stripe: {
      secretKey: 'my-stripe-secret-key',
      publishableKey: 'stripe-publishable-key'
    redirect: {
      hostUrl: '',
      success: '/completed',
      fail: '/cancelled'


Additional stripe config options:

* showAddress: true/false ; true to require address input
* companyName: optional text to be displayed as the company or website name on the checkout panel
* brandImage: optional image (specified as a relative url) to be displayed on the checkout panel
* panelTitle: optional text to be used as title for the checkout panel
* submitText: optional text for the Pay button (defaults to Pay)