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seneca-nsq-transport - a Seneca plugin

Seneca Transport Plugin

This plugin provides the pub/sub transport channel for micro-service messages. This lets you send broadcast messsages via

For a gentle introduction to Seneca itself, see the site.

If you're using this plugin module, feel free to contact me on twitter if you have any questions! :) @luisfaustino

Current Version: 1.0.0

Tested on: Seneca 0.6.1, Node 0.12.0


npm install seneca-nsq-transport

You'll also need nsq.

Quick Example

  .add('foo:two',function(args,done){ done(null,{}) })
  .client( {type:'nsq',pin:'foo:one,bar:*'} )
  .listen( {type:'nsq',pin:'foo:two,bar:*'} )