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Seneca data store plugin that uses plain JSON files

seneca-jsonfile-store - a Seneca plugin

This module is a plugin for the Seneca framework. It provides a storage engine that uses JSON files to persist data. It is not appropriate for production usage, it is intended for very low workloads, and as a example of a storage plugin code base.

For a gentle introduction to Seneca itself, see the site.

If you're using this plugin module, feel free to contact me on twitter if you have any questions! :) @rjrodger

Current Version: 0.2.2

Tested on: Seneca 0.6.1, Node 0.10.36

npm install seneca
npm install seneca-jsonfile-store
var seneca = require('seneca')()
var apple = seneca.make$('fruit')  = 'Pink Lady'
apple.price = 0.99$(function(err,apple){
  console.log( " = "  )

You don't use this module directly. It provides an underlying data storage engine for the Seneca entity API:

var entity = seneca.make$('typename')
entity.someproperty = "something"
entity.anotherproperty = 100$( function(err,entity){ ... } )
entity.load$( {id: ...}, function(err,entity){ ... } )
entity.list$( {property: ...}, function(err,entity){ ... } )
entity.remove$( {id: ...}, function(err,entity){ ... } )
cd test
mocha jsonfile.test.js --seneca.log.print