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A Seneca.js Auth Plugin


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This plugin is used by seneca-auth for authenticating via google login. It uses PassportJS. The seneca-auth is the authentication plugin used by Seneca toolkit.

For a gentle introduction to Seneca itself, see the site.

If you're using this plugin module, feel to contact on twitter if you have any questions! :) @rjrodger


npm install seneca-google-auth

Using Google Auth

When using seneca-auth the google auth must be initialized using:

    service: {
      "local": {},
      "google" : {
        "clientID" : "your client id",
        "clientSecret" : "app secret",
        "urlhost" : "server host",
        "serviceParams": {
          "scope" : [

Note: serviceParams can be used to pass any other parameter to the passport google strategy. More information can be found in the Google documentation.

Other information

There is provided a default seneca action that will prepare user data to a more convenient structure. If this data structure is not matching the expected user data structure used by your application, you can overwrite the seneca action and implement your own google-login-data action.

{role: 'auth', prepare: 'google_login_data'}

The JSON object provided for this actions contains following data from Google login:

  • accessToken
  • refreshToken
  • profile

Note: You can provide also the callbackUrl as part of the options. If not provided then a default value is used.

Default value for callbackUrl: /auth/google/callback