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An visual data editor plugin for the Seneca toolkit

This module can be used in a standalone fashion, but is most often used with the seneca-admin plugin to provide a administrative interface for editing all the data in your system. Inspired by the Django admin interface.

See seneca-mvp for a usage example.


If you're using this module, feel free to contact me on twitter if you have any questions! :) @rjrodger

Current Version: 0.2.0

Tested on: Node 0.10.36, Seneca 0.6.1


npm install seneca
npm install seneca-data-editor


To load the plugin:

seneca.use('data-editor', { ... options ... })

To isolate logging output from the plugin, use:

node your-app.js --seneca.log=plugin:data-editor

For more logging options, see the Seneca logging tutorial.


npm test