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The Best Unofficial SendinBlue V3 API Node.js Client

sendinblue-v3-node-client exposes the entire SendinBlue API. Please refer to the full official documentation to learn more.

This is an unofficial wrapper for the API. It implements all the features of the API v3. It supports promises and callbacks.


If you are unfamiliar with npm, see the npm docs.

npm i -S sendinblue-v3-node-client

Getting Started

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following JS code:

let sib = require('sendinblue-v3-node-client')("YOUR_API_KEY")
sib.account.get(function(error, account) {
  if(error) console.log("Error: ", error)
  else console.log("Your Account Object: ", account)
// OR 
sib.account.get().then(function(account) {
  console.log("Your Account Object: ", account)
}).catch(function(error) {
  console.log("Error: ", error)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Method HTTP request Description
account.get GET /account Get your account informations, plans and credits details
resellers.children.all GET /reseller Gets the list of all reseller's children accounts
resellers.children.create POST /reseller Creates a reseller child
resellers.children.get GET /reseller Gets the info about a specific child account
resellers.children.update PUT /reseller Updates infos of reseller's child based on the childAuthKey supplied
resellers.children.delete DELETE /reseller Deletes a single reseller child based on the childAuthKey supplied
resellers.children.ips.associate POST /reseller Associate a dedicated IP to the child
resellers.children.ips.dissociate POST /reseller Dissociate a dedicated IP to the child
resellers.children.credits.add POST /reseller Add Email and/or SMS credits to a specific child account
resellers.children.credits.remove POST /reseller Remove Email and/or SMS credits from a specific child account
senders.all GET /senders Return all the dedicated IPs for your account
senders.create POST /senders Create a new sender
senders.update PUT /senders Update a sender
senders.delete DELETE /senders Delete a sender
senders.ips.get GET /senders Return all the dedicated IPs for a sender
senders.ips.all GET /senders Get the list of all your senders
processes.all GET /processes Return all the processes for your account
processes.get GET /processes Return the informations for a process
campaigns.all GET /emailCampaigns Return all your created campaigns
campaigns.get GET /emailCampaigns Get campaign informations
campaigns.create POST /emailCampaigns Create an email campaign
campaigns.update PUT /emailCampaigns Update a campaign
campaigns.delete DELETE /emailCampaigns Delete an email campaign
campaigns.send POST /emailCampaigns Send an email campaign id of the campaign immediately
campaigns.test POST /emailCampaigns Send an email campaign to your test list
campaigns.export POST /emailCampaigns Export the recipients of a campaign POST /emailCampaigns Send the report of a campaigns
campaigns.status PUT /emailCampaigns Update a campaign status GET /smtp Get your SMTP activity aggregated per day
smtp.activity.custom GET /smtp Get your SMTP activity aggregated over a period of time
smtp.activity.all GET /smtp Get all your SMTP activity (unaggregated events)
smtp.templates.all GET /smtp Get the list of SMTP templates
smtp.templates.create POST /smtp Create an smtp template
smtp.templates.get GET /smtp Returns the template informations
smtp.templates.update PUT /smtp Updates an smtp templates
smtp.templates.delete DELETE /smtp Delete an inactive smtp template
smtp.templates.test POST /smtp Send a template to your test list
smtp.templates.send POST /smtp Send a template
smtp.transactionals.send POST /smtp Send a transactional email
smtp.hardbounces.delete POST /smtp Delete hardbounces
webhooks.all GET /webhooks Get all webhooks
webhooks.create POST /webhooks Create a webhook
webhooks.get GET /webhooks Get a webhook details
webhooks.update PUT /webhooks Update a webhook
webhooks.delete DELETE /webhooks Delete a webhook
contacts.all GET /contacts Get all the contacts
contacts.create POST /contacts Create a contact
contacts.get GET /contacts Retrieves contact informations
contacts.update PUT /contacts Updates a contact
contacts.delete DELETE /contacts Deletes a contact
contacts.statistics GET /contacts Get the campaigns statistics for a contact
contacts.attributes.all GET /contacts Lists all attributes
contacts.attributes.create POST /contacts Creates contact attribute
contacts.attributes.update PUT /contacts Updates contact attribute
contacts.attributes.delete DELETE /contacts Deletes an attribute
contacts.folders.all GET /contacts Get all the folders
contacts.folders.create POST /contacts Create a folder
contacts.folders.get GET /contacts Returns folder details
contacts.folders.update PUT /contacts Update a contact folder
contacts.folders.delete DELETE /contacts Delete a folder (and all its lists)
contacts.folders.lists GET /contacts Get the lists in a folder
contacts.lists.all GET /contacts Get all the lists
contacts.lists.create POST /contacts Create a list
contacts.lists.get GET /contacts Get the details of a list
contacts.lists.update PUT /contacts Update a list
contacts.lists.delete DELETE /contacts Delete a list
contacts.lists.contacts.get GET /contacts Get the contacts in a list
contacts.lists.contacts.add POST /contacts Add existing contacts to a list
contacts.lists.contacts.remove POST /contacts Remove existing contacts from a list
contacts.export POST /contacts Export contacts
contacts.import POST /contacts Import contacts
sms.send POST /transactionalSMS Send the SMS campaign to the specified mobile number
sms.all GET /transactionalSMS Get all the SMS activity (unaggregated events)
sms.custom GET /transactionalSMS Get your SMS activity aggregated over a period of time GET /transactionalSMS Get your SMS activity aggregated per day


Using path, query, and body parameters.

// Get all contacts
  limit: 50,  // query_param
  offset: 0   // query_param
}, function(error, contacts) {
  if(error) console.log("Error: ", error)
  else console.log("All Contacts: ", JSON.stringify(contacts, null, 2))
// Create new contact
  email: "", // body_param
}, function(error, newContact) {
  if(error) console.log("Error: ", error)
  else console.log("New Contact: ", JSON.stringify(newContact, null, 2))
// Updates a contact
sib.contacts.update("", {
  emailBlacklisted: true
}, function(error, newContact) {
  if(error) console.log("Error: ", error)
  else console.log("Updated Contact: ", JSON.stringify(newContact, null, 2))

Support and Feedback

Be sure to visit the SendinBlue official documentation website for additional information about the official API.

If you find a bug, please post the issue on Github.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a note here.

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