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    Beta version of Sendbird UIKit 3.0 has been released. Try to make your own application with this amazing version which contains new modular components and UI components of elementary level.

    React based UI kit based on sendbird javascript SDK

    Getting Started

    With Sendbird UI Kit React, we export these components: (See src/index.jsx)

    • SendBirdProvider - The context provider for SDK component

    • withSendBird - HOC to access SendBirdProvider context

    • useSendbirdStateContext - Hook to access SendBirdProvider context

    • sendBirdSelectors - A bunch of useful selectors that can be used along with withSendbird or useSendbirdStateContext

    • Channel - A UI Component where conversations happen

    • ChannelList - A ChannelList UI component

    • ChannelSettings - A component to handle the settings of a given channel

    • MessageSearch - To search for a message from a Channel

    • OpenChannel - A UI Component where open channel conversations happen

    • OpenChannelSettings - A component to handle the settings of a given channel

    • App - is a full fledged app(group channel) component made by combining the above components so that you dont have to combine all the above components by hand. Also it can be used as an example for composing components to build a chat UI

    Note 1: Dont forget to import the stylesheet from the repo too Note 2: Name of some components are different from the directories they are in(example -> Channel component is from Conversation component). Please keep that in mind


    You need to install:

    npm 14 deprecated warnings for fsevents& chokidar@2.1.8 will be fixed when storybook is updated to webpack 5

    We tried development on Mac OS / Linux systems. You might encounter problems in running npm run build in Windows machines


    We use storybook for development and rollup for building the npm distribution(bundled JS file) Make sure you have nodejs and npm installed and run

    Make a copy of env.example and save it as .env
    Set your appId STORYBOOK_APP_ID
    npm install
    npm run storybook

    npm run generate-component generates a UI component skeleton in src/ui

    • By default, storybook opens in http://localhost:6006/
    • Smart Components such as ChannelList, Channel, ChannelSetting, App can be found under OTHERS
    • Dumb components such as inputs, buttons etc can be found under OTHERS/UI Components in storybook sidebar
    • Overridden storybook configs can be found in: ./storybook


    We use rollupJS for building the production bundle script that you want to use inside your applications.

    We have both esm and commonjs output

    npm run build

    The bundled JS code can be found in ./release The CSS is in ./release/dist/index.css

    Running the tests

    We have implemented tests for dumb ui components only. Technologies used: Jest, Enzyme and react-dom/test-utils

    npm run test


    npm run lint
    • .eslintrc.json lints ts files and .eslintrc.js lints js files


    • We are trying to progressively move our source code to typescript - which means older JS code and newly written TS code will coxist while we migrate older JS code to TS
    • .eslintrc.json lints ts files and .eslintrc.js lints js files
    • Type definition file can be src/index.d.ts which will be copied to /release directory

    Creating/exporting new components

    1. Define your component inside './src'
    2. Add the following line to './src/index.js' export NewComponent from './src/location/of/NewComponent';
    3. Add the following line to './rollup.config.js' input NewComponent: 'src/location/of/NewComponent',




    npm i sendbird-uikit


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