Utility that keeps version numbers in sync between package.json, component.json and an optional source file.

Synchronizes version numbers accross package.json, component.json and other source files of your choosing.

Usage: semver-sync -s [source list] -b [release type].


  • -b, --bump
    Bump the version number in package.json, component.json and all other specified source files. It can take one of the following values: major, minor, patch. If no value is specified, it defaults to patch.
  • -v, --verify
    Verifies that package.json, component.json and all other source files have the same version number and checks if it conforms to the semver specification.
  • -s, --sources
    Declare additional files in which the version number will be updated or checked. If not explicitly specified, it is read from the package.json "versionedSources" property. If it's not present in the package.json and not explicitly specified, only component.json and package.json will be synced.