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    This is the Apache httpd monitoring Agent for Sematext Monitoring


    1. Get a free account at

    2. Create a Monitoring App of type "Apache" and copy the Application Token - or execute the commands displayed in the Sematext UI (which are described here as well)

    3. Install Node.js on your Apache httpd server

    4. Activate Apache mod_status module with sudo a2enmod status and configure it in the file /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/status.conf:

    <Location /server-status>
                    SetHandler server-status

    Optional preparation for PHP FastCGI Process Manager (FPM): To add monitoring for PHP-FPM follow this instructions.


    # Install sematext-agent-httpd  
    npm i sematext/sematext-agent-httpd -g
    # If you use Sematext Cloud EU, set region for API endpoints 
    # sematext-httpd-setup  -r EU 
    # Install systemd or upstart service file for sematext-agent-httpd  
    sematext-httpd-setup -t YOUR_SPM_TOKEN_HERE -u http://localhost/server-status


    The setup script stores the configuration in /etc/sematext/sematext-agent-httpd.config

    In case you want to change settings later edit /etc/sematext/sematext-agent-httpd.config. Restart the Sematext Apache Agent after config changes, depending on the init system:

    • Upstart (Ubuntu):
        sudo service sematext-agent-httpd restart 
    • Systemd (Linux others):
        sudo systemctl stop sematext-agent-httpd
        sudo systemctl start sematext-agent-httpd
    • Launchd (Mac OS X):
        sudo launchctl stop com.sematext.sematext-agent-httpd
        sudo launchctl stop com.sematext.sematext-agent-httpd

    For tests you can just run the agent from command line:

    sematext-agent-httpd --config /etc/sematext/sematext-agent-httpd.config


    Apache Metrics in SPM:


    Sematext Agent for Apache includes a docker file and startup script to build a Docker image.

    git clone
    cd sematext-agent-apache
    docker build -t sematext/sematext-agent-apache .

    The Sematext Apache Agent supports following parameters on Docker:

    Environment Variable Description
    Required parameters
    SPM_TOKEN your SPM Token for the Apache SPM App
    HTTPD_STATUS_URL the URL to httpd server, delivering the stats (see httpd configuration above). Please note the servername/ip must be reachable from the agent container. You might need to use --link Apache container-name to create the network link.
    Optional parameters
    PHP_FPM_STATUS_URL PHP FastCGI status url
    HTTPS_PROXY Url to HTTPS proxy if the agent runs behind a firewall
    SPM_RECEIVER_URL Optional for SPM On-Premises, default value:
    EVENTS_RECEIVER_URL Optional for SPM On-Premises, default value:


    docker run --name sematext-agent-httpd -e SPM_TOKEN=YOUR_SPM_APACHE_TOKEN_HERE  \ 
    -e HTTPD_STATUS_URL=http://httpd-server/server-status \ 
    -d  sematext/sematext-agent-httpd



    npm i sematext-agent-httpd

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