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npm module for inferring the semantic types of tabular data fields. Includes support for inferring Frictionless data packages json and incorporating semantic inference into the data package json.

There are 3 ways to use this package: semantic_infer (if you don't need data packages), datapackage_infer (for browser client based data package and semantic inference), and datapackage_infer_filesytem (for file system based data package and semantic inference).

Starting with version 1.2.0 You can use a config file to override default values.

semantic_infer only

semantic_infer takes a column name, an array of values and data type as input and returns an object if a match is found else returns 'None'

Example usage:

const semanticinfer = require('semantic_infer');
var val_arr = ['V8r 1g7', 'V8X 5m2'];
result2 = semanticinfer.semantic_infer.semantically_classify_field('Post_CD',val_arr,'string',true);
  name: 'Postal code',
  rdfType: '',
  var_class: 'indirect_identifier'


Takes a data package with sample data in it and infers the fields, field data types (e.g., integer, string), and semantic types (e.g., postal code).

DataPackage rules:

  • Datapackage object must have a "resources" array.
  • Each resource must have a "name" field.
  • Each resource must have a "data" or "path" field (but not both).

Semantic inference rules:

  • Only resources with a "data" field will be sematically inferred.
  • Providing a "SAVED_PATH_ATTR" attribute for data resources will result in the "data" field being replaced by a "path" field.

Example usage:

const semanticinfer = require('semantic_infer');
const descriptor = {
  resources: [
  name: 'example',
	saved_path: 'example.csv',
  data: [
        ['height', 'age', 'name'],
        ['180', '18', 'V8R1G6'],
        ['192', '32', 'B4D 4G1'],
const results = semanticinfer.datapackage_infer.infer_datapackage(descriptor,true);
results.then(function(result) {
  "resources": [
      "name": "example",
      "profile": "tabular-data-resource",
      "encoding": "utf-8",
      "schema": { "fields": [
        { "name": "height", "type": "integer", "format": "default" },
        { "name": "age", "type": "integer", "format": "default" },
          "name": "name",
          "type": "string",
          "format": "default",
          "var_class": "indirect_identifier",
          "rdfType": ""
      "missingValues": [ "" ]
      "path": "example.csv"
  "profile": "data-package"


Infers data package (including semantic inference) json for all csv and txt files in the current directory and its sub-directories.

Example usage:

const semanticinfer = require('./datapackage_infer_filesystem');

You may optional pass in an object to add to the data package as top level attributes of the data package.

const source = {"sources": [{
  "title": "my source location",
  "path": "path/to/my/datafile"
  "resources": [ ... ],
  "profile": "data-package",
  "sources": [{
    "title": "my source location",
    "path": "path/to/my/datafile"

How to override default settings

Overriding the default settings are supported by the config npm module. Create a "config" directory in your project folder and within that folder a "default.json" file with the settings you wish to override. See semantic_settings.js and datapackage_settings.js files for all the settings that can be overriden. Make sure you have a corresponding pattern for each label if you override semantic settings.
Example contents of default.json:

	{"name":"Phone number","rdfType":"","var_class":"direct_identifier"},
	{"name":"First name","rdfType":"","var_class":"direct_identifier"},
	{"name":"Last name","rdfType":"","var_class":"direct_identifier"},
	{"name":"Middle name","rdfType":"","var_class":"direct_identifier"},
	{"name":"Full name","var_class":"direct_identifier"},
	{"name":"Postal code","rdfType":"","var_class":"indirect_identifier"},
	{"name":"Street address","rdfType":"","var_class":"direct_identifier"},

Optional calcuation of number of records in tabular resources

You can optionally calculate the number of records in a CSV by setting DATA_PACKAGE_FILE_RECORD_NUM_RECORDS=1 in your config file. Works only for linux environments.


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