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semantic-release plugin to publish a JetBrains Space Deployment.

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Step Description
verifyConditions Verifies that all required options are set.
prepare Creates a JetBrains Space Deployment Target if it does not yet exist.
publish Starts a JetBrains Space Deployment.
success Marks the JetBrains Space Deployment as completed.
fail Marks the JetBrains Space Deployment as failed.


$ npm install --save-dev semantic-release-space


The plugin can be configured in the semantic-release configuration file:

"plugins": [
    "semantic-release-space", {
      "targetId": "example-target"

With this example a JetBrains Space Deployment will be published on the example-target deployment target .


Make sure to set targetId or JB_SPACE_TARGET_ID to the deployment target you want to use. All other options are automatically set via their environment variables in a Space Job.

Options and Environment variables

Option Environment variable Type Description
target JB_SPACE_TARGET_ID TargetConfiguration Required
The Space deployment target(s)
Set to an key value object to specify target(s) per branch
projectId JB_SPACE_PROJECT_ID string Required Automatically set in JetBrains Space Jobs
The Space project id
apiUrl JB_SPACE_API_URL string Required Automatically set in JetBrains Space Jobs
The Space API url
string Required Automatically set in JetBrains Space Jobs
The Space API auth token
repositoryName JB_SPACE_GIT_REPOSITORY_NAME string Required Automatically set in JetBrains Space Jobs
The repositories name
requireTarget JB_SPACE_REQUIRE_TARGET boolean Defaults to true
If set to false an invalid or missing target configuration will be ignored instead of throwing an error
job JB_SPACE_JOB_ID JobConfiguration Defaults to []
The Space automation job(s) to start
Set to an key value object to specify job(s) per branch
jobTimeout JB_SPACE_JOB_TIMEOUT number Defaults to 3600
The max timeout waiting for jobs to complete in seconds
jobCheckInterval JB_SPACE_JOB_CHECK_INTERVAL number Defaults to 10
The interval between job status checks in seconds

Option Types

  • TargetConfiguration: string | string[] | { [branch: string]: string | string[] }
  • JobConfiguration: JobBranchConfiguration | { [branch: string]: JobBranchConfiguration }
  • JobBranchConfiguration: string | string[] | { id: string, parameters?: { [name: string]: string } }

Job Parameters

Job parameters can be set via the parameters property of a job configuration for all or only specific branches. The values will be parsed using Handlebars and with the plugin context as template context. Examples:

  • "parameters": { "hello": "world" } will set the parameter hello to world
  • "parameters": { "version": "{{nextRelease.version}}" } will set the parameter version to the next release version
  • "parameters": { "channel": "{{#if}}{{}}{{else}}latest{{/if}}" } will set the parameter channel to the next release channel or latest if no channel is set

Job Example

With this example the package.json will be pumped and committed, a NPM package will be published and a JetBrains Space Deployment of the new tag will be published on the example-target deployment target.


  • Go into your Space Instance > Extensions > Applications and create a new Application (or select an existing one).
  • Go into Authorization and give the Application at least the following permissions for the target project:
    • Read Git repositories
    • Write Git repositories
    • Create package registries
    • Read package registries
    • Write package registires
  • Go into Permanent Tokens and create and copy a new token for the Application.
  • Go into Projects > your target project > Settings > Secrets & Parameters > and create a new secret:
    • key: ci-token
    • value: <application key>:<the token you just coppied>


  "branches": [
  "plugins": [
        "linkCompare": false,
        "linkReferences": false
        "targetId": "example-target",
        "job": {
          "id": "Example",
          "parameters": {
            "example-param": "example-value",
            "release-version": "{{nextRelease.version}}",
            "release-channel": "{{#if}}{{}}{{else}}latest{{/if}}"
        "assets": [
        "message": "release: ${nextRelease.version} [skip ci]\n\n${nextRelease.notes}"


job("Release") {
  git {
    refSpec = "refs/heads/main"

  container(displayName = "Publish", image = "node:lts") {
    env["GIT_CREDENTIALS"] = Secrets("ci-token")
    env["NPM_TOKEN"] = Secrets("ci-token")
    shellScript {
      content = """
        npm install
        npx semantic-release

job("Example") {
  parameters {       

  startOn {}

  container(image = "alpine:lts") {
    shellScript {
      content = """
        echo {{ release-version }}
        echo {{ release-channel }}
        echo {{ example-param }}

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