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    Pre-configured shareable Semantic Release configuration for conventional commits

    This is a ready-to-use, pre-defined configuration for semantic-release, meant to support the use of conventional commits along with Whitesource Renovate.


    MAJOR release

    • Any commit type and scope terminating with ! causes a BREAKING CHANGE

    MINOR release

    • Commit type chore with scope api-deps (Dependency updates)
    • Commit type feat (Features) with any scope

    PATCH release

    • Commit type chore with scope core-deps (Dependency updates)
    • Commit type fix (Bug Fixes) with any scope
    • Commit type docs (Documentation) with any scope
    • Commit type perf (Performance improvements) with any scope
    • Commit type revert (Revert previous changes) with any scope

    No release

    • Commit type test (Tests)
    • Commit type ci (Build and continuous integration)
    • Commit type build (Build and continuous integration)
    • Commit type chore with scope deps (Dependency updates)
    • Commit type chore (General maintenance) with scopes different than the ones mentioned above
    • Commit type style (Style improvements) with any scope
    • Commit type refactor (Refactoring) with any scope


    To use this configuration, add to your package.json:

      "devDependencies": {
        "semantic-release-preconfigured-conventional-commits": "latest"

    (actually, pick the latest stable version)

    The configuration sets up and pre-applies semantic-release/commit-analyzer, semantic-release/release-notes-generator, and semantic-release/changelog.

    These are usually always present, but rarely enough.

    Then, the recommended way to exploit this pre-configuration is through a release.config.js file in the project root; the reason is that currently the semantic release extension mechanism does not merge the configurations in-depth, thus, adding further plugins results in the configuration being ignored.

    A minimal release.config.js for creating releases on GitHub, for instance, looks like:

    var config = require('semantic-release-preconfigured-conventional-commits');
    module.exports = config

    It can be easily enriched to account for more elaborate workflows, as, for instance:

    var publishCmd = `
    docker build -t "$IMAGE_NAME:\${nextRelease.version}"
    docker push --all-tags "$IMAGE_NAME"
    var config = require('semantic-release-preconfigured-conventional-commits');
                "publishCmd": publishCmd,
    module.exports = config

    Proposing changes

    I gladly consider changes to the configuration. In case you think something is missing or deserves to be changed, open an issue.


    npm i semantic-release-preconfigured-conventional-commits

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