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Semantic Release Conventional

semantic-release shareable config to publish npm packages with GitHub using conventional commits standard.


  • Allow running dry run (release predict) on any branch
  • Commits are analyzed with conventional commits parser, configuration extended so that refactor & style types increase patch version
  • Release notes are generated and written to che changelog covering all the common commit types relevant to the consumer
  • Automatically generated changelog
  • Publishes to a npm package registry
  • Creates a Github release
  • Pushes package.json and file to git


You can install this config via npm or yarn:

npm install semantic-release-config-conventional --save-dev
# or
yarn add semantic-release-config-conventional --dev


The shareable config can be configured in the semantic-release configuration file:

To use this configuration in your project, create a Prettier configuration file (e.g., .prettierrc.js) and extend semantic-release-config-conventional:

// .releaserc.js

module.exports = {
    extends: "semantic-release-config-conventional"


This config can be provided with some options through environment variables

// .releaserc.js

process.env.SR_CONFIG_NPM_PUBLISH = "false"; // if set to false will not attempt to publish a package to the registry
process.env.SR_CONFIG_NPM_PUSH = "true"; // if set to false will disable pushing of the package.json and changelog files after releasing
process.env.SR_CONFIG_CHANGELOG_FILE = ""; // defines the path for the changelog file

module.exports = {
    extends: "semantic-release-config-conventional"

See each plugin documentation for required installation and configuration steps.


This shareable configuration uses the following plugins (with internal configurations applied):

For optimal experience and consistency with sematic release, it is suggested to add commit validation matching the standard applied to semantic-release, in this case conventional-commits.

Ideally the releases should be performed through CI/CD workflows, reducing the possibility of human error. The commit validation should also run on the CI/CD workflows.

Check the example/recipe.


If you encounter any issues with this ESLint configuration or have suggestions for improvements, please visit the GitHub repository and open an issue or pull request. Check also the development docs.

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