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An Ambitious Semantic Release Config

A configuration managed by Megabyte Labs

Bundles together an ambitious semantic-release shared configuration used across many project types

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semantic-release automates the process of releasing software to a variety of eco-systems. This package bundles together the dependencies required for automatically releasing assets for the following project types:

  • NPM: Publishes to
  • GitLab: Publishes to GitLab Releases
  • GitHub: Publishes to GitHub Releases
  • PyPi: Publishes Python projects to (pyproject.toml and supported)
  • Docker: Publishes to DockerHub or a registry of your choice
  • VagrantUp: Builds VMs with Packer and then publishes them to VagrantUp
  • Go: Uses GitHub/GitLab Releases
  • Ansible: Publishes Ansible roles to Ansible Galaxy

The configuration can be easily modified to accomodate your specific needs (like most semantic-release shared configurations). A good amount of the actual logic for verifying and compiling assets in this particular configuration is housed in our Taskfile.yml file. The Taskfile.yml project is an incredibly useful project you should check out. It helps combine bash script snippets into useful flows, with dependency management and caching capabilities. We even created a more flavorful variant called Bodega.


If you are simply including this library in your project, all you need is a recent version of Node.js. Node.js >14.18.0 is sometimes required and is the only version range we actively support. Albeit, it is highly probable that lower versions will work as well depending on the requirements that this project imports.

Developer Requirements

The following versions of Node.js and Python are required for development:

Other versions may work, but only the above versions are supported. Most development dependencies are installed automatically by our Taskfile.yml set-up (even Node.js and Python). Run bash to install Bodega (an improved fork of go-task) and run the initialization sequence. The taskfiles will automatically install dependencies as they are needed, based on what development tasks you are running. For more information, check out the or simply run:

npm run help

npm run help will ensure Bodega is installed and then open an interactive dialog where you can explore and learn about various developer commands.

This Repository (Shared Common)

This repository houses files that propagate downstream to project-specific repositories.


Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome! Feel free to check the issues page. If you would like to contribute, please take a look at the contributing guide.


Dear Awesome Person,

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Brian Zalewski

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Copyright © 2020-2021 Megabyte LLC. This project is MIT licensed.

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