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    Interactive Q&A Guides for Web and the Command Line

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    Table of Contents

    🌩 Installation

    npm install --global self-help

    🕹 Usage

    Interactive CLI

    Navigate a Self-Help Document from the Command Line:

    self-help interactive --source ./path/to/help-document.js



    Generate Markdown

    Generate Markdown from a Self-Help Document:

    self-help markdown --source ./path/to/help-document.js

    Markdown is written to stdout for you to pipe into other Command Line Programs or write to a file.


    The self-help RxJS Operator Decision Tree Example exported as Markdown.

    👩🏽‍💻 Writing Documents

    A Help Document is a JavaScript Module exporting a getHelpDocument method of type GetHelpDocument.

    type GetHelpDocument = () => Node | Promise<Node>;

    It returns a Nested Hierarchy of Node Objects.

    type Node = Leaf | Branch | AsyncBranch;

    Which form the Decision Tree a User will navigate.

    export const getHelpDocument = (): Node => ({
      label: "Welcome to Milk and Cookies, how can we help?",
      children: [
          label: `I'm Thirsty, and`,
          children: () => http.get("/milks-walkthrough.json")
          label: `I'm Hungry, and`,
          children: [
              label: "I love Cookies, so",
              children: () => http.get("/cookies-walkthrough.json")
              label: `Cookies aren't my thing`,
              value: fs.readFileSync("/", "utf8")

    Node Types


    A Branch presents multiple options to choose from in the form of its children Array. Children can be a combination of other Branch, AsyncBranch or Leaf Nodes.

      label: 'I just cloned the project, and',
      children: [...]


    An AsyncBranch is the same as a Branch except its children property is a Function which returns a Promise.

    This mechanism allows Help Documents to be combined and linked together, use it to compose higher-level guides which pull together other Help Documents hosted online or break down a large Help Document into smaller files that can be lazily-loaded at runtime.

      label: 'I just cloned the project, and',
      children: () => Promise.resolve([])


    A Leaf represents the answer the User has been looking for as they have been navigating a given Help Document. The value can be any String, but is normally the contents of a Markdown Document which explains the answer to the User.

      label: 'I want to install dependencies',
      value: fs.readFileSync('/', 'utf8')

    🙋🏿‍♂️ Getting Help

    Get help with issues by creating a Bug Report or discuss ideas by opening a Feature Request.

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