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Node.js binding for selenium browser drivers. Sets up your system environment and keeps drivers up to date for various browsers and operating systems.

  • Currently works only with WebDriverJs
  • Suitable for running locally or with CI
  • supported NodeJs: 6.x or above
  • by default uses newest drivers (make sure your browser is also up to date)

Make sure your OS & Browser are supported!

Use case:

var webDriver = require('selenium-webdriver');
var seleniumDrivers = require('selenium-drivers');
    browserName: 'chrome',
    download: true
}).then(function () {
    var driver = new webDriver.Builder()


  • browserName: ('chrome' | 'firefox' | 'internet explorer' | 'safari') specify browser name
  • silent: (true | false) set to false for verbose output (default: true)
  • download: (true | false) disable driver download (default: true)
  • deactivate: (true | false) deactivate library (useful when running with custom browser capabilities where driver is provided, eg: for sauceLabs, or browserStack) (default: false)

Supported Browsers

Browser Operating Systems
Chrome macOS_64, Windows7,8,10
Firefox macOS_64, Windows7,8,10
Internet Explorer Windows7,8,10
Safari macOS >= ElCaptain
  • Nodejs >= 6.x required on all OS.
  • No guarantee to run on outdated browsers.


  • linux support
  • option to set custom browser driver version
  • option to set custom browser driver archive url
  • custom url pattern
  • Edge, Opera, PhantomJS support
  • programmatic start/stop feature (for non WebDriverJs usage)