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Automated execution of selenese scripts (tests made in selenium-ide)

Script to execute a collection of selenese scripts


Sample config:

selenese = require('selenese-runner');
selenese.runWithConfig( {
    suitelist: '',
    url: '', 
    replace: {AUTHOR_PETERSEN: 'petersen'},
    callback: selenese.simpleReporter });

run directly with node.js, - just make sure selenese-runner.js is in NODE_PATH.

  • suitelist is a list of urls for selenium-ide testsuites.
  • url is the url of the site to test (overrides testsuites)
  • replace includes values to replace within selenium tests. This is useful for for example usernames and passwords
  • callback is the reporting function


  • reads a list of suites, then reads the suites, then read and execute each test
  • suites are run in a single browser session, for performance
  • callback from test-results
  • simple reporting supported with exit-code
  • test / integration-server / travis support
  • additional commands (command, target, value)
    • (restartBrowser, no target, no value)


  • refactor, code and add more documentation
  • streamline unit tests
  • command line parameters
  • autokill possibly existing selenium-unit-test-server

Changelog /tags

  • v0.0.3 mew selenese-command: restartBrowser, publish as npm, saucelabs support, bugfix with test-path relative to suite instead of suitelist, junit-xml-output-support
  • v0.0.2 single browser session, reporting, exit code
  • v0.0.1 initial version, read and execute testsuitlist, travis-support