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Selective FastClick

A very early hack together of FT's FastClick with DOM Delegate libraries.


npm install selective-fastclick

And require with Browserify. Or download the prebuilt package


var SelectiveFastClick = require('selective-fastclick');
var selectors = [
  'div.delegate-test-clickable + #another-delegate-test-clickable'
SelectiveFastClick.attach(document.body, selectors);

The first argument of attach is the element to attach the event delegator to - and the second argument is a string or array of strings of selectors to match against to provide 'FastClick' behaviour. Please see the documentation of FastClick for an explanation of what it does the documentation of FT DOM Delegate for details on which selectors are supported.

Credits and collaboration

The lead developer of Selective FastClick is Matt Andrews at FT Labs. All open source code released by FT Labs is licenced under the MIT licence. We welcome comments, feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to raise an issue or pull request.