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<SegmentedControl> ‚Äď a good-lookin' segmented control React component

<FormsySegmentedControl> ‚Äď a version for Formsy

UX background

In iOS, a segmented control is usually used to display different views (the equivalent of tabs in material design). However, segmented controls are increasingly being used in lieu of plain radio buttons or select inputs (dropdowns, or material menus). See for instance the designer lukew's recommendations:

Other good choices are radio groups, like this Ionic component, or a button list, as used in the Yo or Thumbtack apps, that looks the same, except on click, instead of seeing a checkmark, you're taken to the next screen.

A similar component in material design is the toggle button.



two three disabled formsy


npm install --save segmented-control


<SegmentedControl> props:

  • name: PropTypes.string.isRequired: name of the radio <input>s. Also the attribute included in the first argument of Formsy's onSubmit.
  • options: PropTypes.array.isRequired: each an object with:
    • label: display text
    • value: value passed to setValue and Formsy's onSubmit
    • default: true: one object must have this
    • disabled: true: optional
  • style: PropTypes.object: common styles are width and color
  • setValue: PropTypes.func: callback on input change, passed the value string. Called once initially with the default value on mount.
import { SegmentedControl } from 'segmented-control'
    { label: "One", value: "one", disabled: true },
    { label: "Two", value: "two" },
    { label: "Three", value: "three", default: true },
    { label: "Four", value: "four" }
  setValue={newValue => this.doSomething(newValue)}
  style={{ width: 400, color: '#ab47bc' }} // purple400


<FormsySegmentedControl> has the same props, but includes Formsy.Mixin and calls Formsy's setValue, so that the value is included in onSubmit (see the event triggered by submitting the demo form). In the example below, the first arg of onSubmit would be {exampleInput: 'two'}:

import Formsy from 'formsy-react'
import RaisedButton from 'material-ui/RaisedButton'
import MuiThemeProvider from 'material-ui/styles/MuiThemeProvider'
import { FormsySegmentedControl } from 'segmented-control'
        { label: "One", value: "one" },
        { label: "Two", value: "two", default: true },
        { label: "Three", value: "three" }
      style={{ width: 300, color: 'rgb(0, 188, 212)' }} // match default material-ui primary teal
      label="submit formsy form"
        display: 'block',
        width: 200,
        margin: "20px auto"


git clone
npm install
npm run storybook