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so, have a server, and send it database customizations with http post.

replicate the snapshots between all instances. (but for now, just a single instance)

Each instance gets a shoe server, and can handle it's own pipes. when a connection comes in, it's routed to the correct db on it's path...

if there are multiple dbs, then route to the server that connection lives on.

every instance is a loadbalancer.


hmm, so if I have a section that has http... then I could just use that for the server.

just stick files directly into levelup.

POST /taco/myid < bundle.json

(which also gets replicated...)

you could also use a static http thing to host your static pages directly from the database...

we'd just need a load balancer, and subdomain proxies.


when a db is updated, take it down, destroy all connections then start it again.

function () {
  return foo;