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SecureNet PayOS API community library for Node.js. All features and commands of the SecureNet PayOS API payment gateway are supported. SecureNet is a WorldPay company.

  • Credit Card Present
  • Credit Card Not Present
  • ACH
  • Settlement
  • Credits
  • Refunds
  • Voids
  • SecureNet Vault
  • Recurring Billing
  • Transaction Reporting and Management
  • Tokenization
    • For unit testing purposes.
    • For browser tokenization see PayOS.js.


npm install securenet-js --save


The following features are supported:

  • Multiple client instances.
  • Can change mode between live and sandbox.
    • At initialization of the client.
  • All PayOS API features and commands are supported.
  • Fully unit tested.


Initialize the payment gateway client:

var config = {
    credentials: {
        secureNetId: ' your SecureNet Id ', //provided via signup email 
        secureNetKey: ' your SecureNet secure Key ' //provided inside virtual terminal 
    developerApplication: {
        developerId: 12345678, // provided by SecureNet after certification 
        version: '1.2'
    mode: 'live' //live or test 
var SecureNet = require('securenet');
var payos = new SecureNet(config);

See the unit tests for common application workflows.

Unit Tests

We are using Mocha for unit testing.

The unit test spec requires you to set your api credentials as environment variables.

export SECURENET_ID=xxxx

Install with npm:

$ npm install -g mocha
$ npm install -g chai

Run unit tests:

$ npm test

Code Coverage

$ npm install istanbul -g
$ istanbul cover _mocha

Code Quality

npm install -g eslint
eslint .

SecureNet Feature Limitations

I have identified the following feature limitations with SecureNet's payment gateway.

  1. During tokenization errors their documentation indicates the response parameters will return resultType. However, during testing on the sandbox their api only seemed to return 'BAD_REQUEST' which does not allow for field specific error messages.

  2. During tokenization you can immediately save the customer and payment method into the vault (addToVault = true). However, if there customer or the payment method fail to be saved in the vault response paramers will return success = true. You need to look for the presence of the customerId and paymentMethodId in order to confirm the customer and payment method was saved in the vault. Their is no error message return in this case to indicate why the customer or payment method was not saved in the vault. This makes messaging to the end user difficult.


The original author of securenet-node is Richard Stanford.

The current lead maintainer is Dan Hollenbeck.