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    Secure Scheduler

    Secure scheduler is an easy to use module for scheduling events via end-user input using sandboxed method execution.

    As such, the filesystem is not exposed in the event of a vulnerability. Hence, users can safely execute JavaScript code in Jobs.


    Install with npm i secure-scheduler


    Create a new scheduler as follows

    const Scheduler = require('secure-scheduler');
    const scheduler = new Scheduler('./jobs.json');

    where the parameter is the storage path for jobs.

    Functions can then be queued by passing a Function and Date or cron expression to the Scheduler.add method

      () => {
        // Do stuff
      new Date(2018, 06, 05)
    // returns Job { method: . . ., date: Date, id: "job_id" }

    Cron expressions are also valid in place of fixed dates

      () => {
        // Do stuff
      '*/30 * * * *'

    Scheduler.add returns an id (UUID-V1 formatted) to refer to the Job.

    Jobs/scheduled events can be cancelled by calling Scheduler.cancel with the job id scheduler.cancel("[JOB ID]")

    Job IDs can be retrieved as an array with // [id, id, . . .]

    Allowing access to Node.JS modules

    Modules can be exposed using identical option parameters to vm2.

    They can be defined globally in the Scheduler constructor

    const scheduler = new Scheduler('./jobs.json', {
        require: {
          builtin: ['path']

    Or they can be defined on Scheduler.add

    scheduler.add(() => {
        return require('path').extname('index.html');
        new Date(2018, 06, 05),
          require: {
            builtin: ['path']

    vm2 options defined in Scheduler.add take precedent over globally defined options in the constructor

    Take care in exposing modules Exposing the built in fs module can lead to irreparable harm to your filesystem should an end user be able to invoke it. Only expose what is needed for your module to function. If needed, stub your modules with vm2 mock syntax.


    npm i secure-scheduler

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