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    season - CSON Node module

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    Read and write CSON/JSON files seamlessly.


    npm install season


    • Clone the repository
    • Run npm install
    • Run grunt to compile the CoffeeScript code
    • Run grunt test to run the specs

    Compiling CSON to JSON

    This module comes with a csonc executable that allows you to compile a CSON file to JSON.

    To use:

    npm install -g season
    echo "this: 'is cson'" > file.cson
    csonc file.cson --output file.json
    cat file.json
      "this""is cson"


    CSON = require 'season'


    Set the cache directory to use for storing compiled CSON files.

    cacheDirectory - Root directory path for storing compiled CSON.


    Convert the object to a CSON string.

    object - The object to convert to CSON.

    Returns the CSON string representation of the given object.

    CSON.readFile(objectPath, callback)

    Read the CSON or JSON object at the given path and return it to the callback once it is read and parsed.

    objectPath - The string path to a JSON or CSON object file.

    callback - The function to call with the error or object once the path is read and parsed.


    Synchronous version of CSON.readFile(objectPath, callback).

    Returns the object read from the path or throws an error if reading fails.

    CSON.writeFile(objectPath, object, callback)

    Write the object to the given path as either JSON or CSON depending on the path's extension.

    objectPath - The string path to a JSON or CSON object file.

    object - The object to convert to a string and write to the path.

    callback - The function to with an error object on failures.

    CSON.writeFileSync(objectPath, object)

    Synchronous version of CSON.writeFile(objectPath, object, callback)


    Is the given path a valid object path?

    Returns true if the path has a .json or .cson file extension, false otherwise.


    Resolve the path to an existent file that has a .json or .cson extension.

    objectPath - The string path to a JSON or CSON object file with or without an extension.

    Returns the path to an existent CSON or JSON file or null if none found.


    npm i season

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