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A thin abstraction layer for the searchmetrics api. It's auto generated from the current api docs at

The motivation to develop this library was to provide an bullet prove and well documented (also code documented) way to write some nice apps based upon the searchmetrics api like an real time dashboard, which shows the ups and downs of our customers.

API Documentation | NPM Registry


Simply hack in your machines terminal:

npm install searchmetrics


var searchmetrics = require('searchmetrics')('your api key', 'your api secret');
    url: ''
}, function(data) {

will result in

{ visibility: 0, trend: { trend: 0, abs: 0, per: null } }

ok not realy search engine optimized, but now I have this nice tool so I'll gonna change this ;-)


Because the complete api endpoint source code is auto generated form the api doc's also the inline source code documentation is done by magic hands. So simply look at the documentation in the doc folder. If the doc folder is not generated properly type in this command, wait a moment and be suprized:

jsdoc -c conf.json


To regenerate the endpoints.js from the searchmetrics api docs type the following command in the root of the module folder:

node build/generate.js

after that, you can regenerate the documentation

jsdoc -c conf.json

The generate.js will take some time, cause it gets a list of all api endpoints, and then requests every single endpoint page to grab the parameters, documentation, etc. With this information the code will be generated and written to the endpoints.js file, which is automatically required in the searchmetrics.js main module file.