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    This is a forked Searckit@v0.10.0 with Redux and Immutable.js This version has some Redux capabilities and allows anyone to import a "SearchKitReducer" and in return add to your store's state tree the following structure:

      "viewSwitcher": {
        "currentView": "table",
      "items": {
        "displayed": [{}, {}, {}],
        "query": {},

    Adding the SearchKitReducer to your store

    import { combineReducers } from 'redux-immutable'
    import * as SearchKit from 'searchkit' // eslint-disable-line
    const YourReducer = combineReducers({
      filter: SearchKitReducer,
      more: () => {},
    export default YourReducer

    Using the ViewSwitcher with Redux mappings

    Just import ViewSwitcherToggleContainer instead of ViewSwitcherToggle

    import { ViewSwitcherToggleContainer } from 'searchkit'

    Breaking Changes

    'highlightFields' has changed to be 'highlightOptions' The structure of the prop has also changed and from now on instead of passing an Array of Strings:

      highlightOptions={['title', 'body']}

    you will have to pass an Array of Objects, exactly like elasticsearch likes it.

        fields: {
          'title': {
            number_of_fragments: 0,
          'result.domain': {
            number_of_fragments: 0,

    This will allow you to pass highlighting options per field.

    What is Searchkit?

    Searchkit is a suite of UI components built in react. The aim is to rapidly create beautiful search applications using declarative components, and without being an ElasticSearch expert.

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    See full Documentation or Getting Started

    Quick Intro

    Live demo

    const searchkit = new SearchkitManager("")
    const App = ()=> (
      <SearchkitProvider searchkit={searchkit}>
                fields={["type.raw", "genres.raw"]}
              <Hits mod="sk-hits-grid" hitsPerPage={10} itemComponent={MovieHitsGridItem}
                sourceFilter={["title", "poster", "imdbId"]}/>
    ReactDOM.render(<App/>, document.getElementById('root'))


    npm i searchkit-redux

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