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This module will create an identity container object according to the specifications in the SDMP protocol.


This module is made to use npm. Install the normal npm way:

npm install sdmp-create-identity

use it

You must pass in a node-rsa object containing a public or private key of 2048 bits (if a private key is given, the public key is derived from it):

var create = require('sdmp-create-identity')
var container = create(nodeRsaKey, 'node')
// container is a valid identity container object, e,g,
console.log(container.identity.key) // => -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----...


The node-rsa module is an RSA crypto module implemented in pure JavaScript. This gives maximum portability, but generating keys in JS is not as fast as system-native libraries.

You can create a node-rsa public key object any of the following ways:

new key

var NodeRSA = require('node-rsa')
var nodeRsaKey = new NodeRSA({ b: 2048 })

from PEM encoded string

var NodeRSA = require('node-rsa')
var pemKey = '-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\n...'
var nodeRsaKey = new NodeRSA(pemKey)

from existing SDMP private_key container

var NodeRSA = require('node-rsa')
var container = // a valid `private_key` container
var nodeRsaKey = new NodeRSA(container.private_key.key)

api create(nodeRsaKey, identityTypeString[, unixOffsetToExpire])

In all cases, calling the function will either return a new container object, or throw an exception.

nodeRsaKey (object, required)

The parameter nodeRsaKey must be a node-rsa equivalent object, containing a public or private key of 2048 bytes.

identityTypeString (string, required)

Any valid SDMP identity type, which is currently user or node.

unixOffsetToExpire (integer, optional)

Pass in the unix offset (milliseconds since Unix Epoch) and the UTC expiration date will be set to that exact date.

If this value is not set, the expiration date will be set to five years in the future.


Published and released under the Very Open License.