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This module will create an encrypted container object according to the specifications in the SDMP protocol.

Two important things to note:

  1. The encrypted container is not signed. (Signatures are a different container.) Because of this, there is no inherent proof of authorship in this container.
  2. The specs require the encrypted payload to be a valid SDMP container. This module does not validate the data in any way prior to encryption.


This module is made to use npm. Install the normal npm way:

npm install sdmp-create-encrypted

use it

Pass in the payload to be encrypted as a buffer, and an array of node-rsa public key objects of 2048 bits:

var create = require('sdmp-create-encrypted')
var container = create(payload, listOfNodeRsaPublicKeys)
// container is a valid identity container object, e,g,
console.log(container.encrypted.payload) // base64url encoded string


The node-rsa module is an RSA crypto module implemented in pure JavaScript. This gives maximum portability, but generating keys in JS is not as fast as system-native libraries.

You can create a node-rsa public key object any of the following ways:

from PEM encoded string

var NodeRSA = require('node-rsa')
var pemKey = '-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\n...'
var nodeRsaKey = new NodeRSA(pemKey)

from existing SDMP identity container

var NodeRSA = require('node-rsa')
var container = // a valid `identity` container
var nodeRsaKey = new NodeRSA(container.identity.key)

api create(payload, listOfNodeRsaPublicKeys)

In all cases, calling the function will either return a new container object, or throw an exception.

payload (Buffer, required)

The parameter payload must be a buffer.

The SDMP specs require the payload to be a valid container object, so you will likely do something like:

var container = { /* a valid container object */ }
var payload = new Buffer(JSON.stringify(container), 'utf8')

Note: The payload is not verified to be a valid container object.

listOfNodeRsaPublicKeys (array, required)

An array of node-rsa equivalent object, each containing a public key of 2048 bytes.

E.g., maybe created like:

var listOfNodeRsaPublicKeys = [
	new NodeRsa(pemEncodedKey1),
	new NodeRsa(pemEncodedKey2),
	new NodeRsa(pemEncodedKey3)


Published and released under the Very Open License.