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SDL2 bindings for node.js v7+.

The bindings implemented by this library are pretty "raw"; little-to-no argument juggling is performed, and there are no optional arguments. I will document this more later.

Things that are still to be implemented

  • Hints
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Game controller
  • 2D accelerated rendering
  • Pixel formats
  • Finish off surface handling
  • Figure out strategy for audio

Things that won't be implemented

  • Logging - use existing node.js logging libraries
  • Threads - not applicable to node
  • Timers - use setTimeout(), setInterval()
  • File Abstraction - use fs package, streams etc.
  • Rectangle Functions - implement your own rectangle class or import one of the many on npm. Use objects with keys x, y, width and height.
  • Shared Object Support