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This repository is part of the Joyent Triton project. See the contribution guidelines -- Triton does not use GitHub PRs -- and general documentation at the main Triton project page.

This repository holds Node.js client libraries for many of the core Triton REST APIs: Amon, CA, CNS, CNAPI, FWAPI, IMGAPI, NAPI, PAPI, SAPI, VMAPI.

Node.js client libraries for other Triton APIs are in other repos. For example see:


To run the tests from a Triton DataCenter global zone:


Or to run the test suite remotely (say you are developing on Mac and want to test against your CoaL):

./test/runtests -H root@

To run a single one of the files use the -f FILTER option, e.g.

./test/runtests -H root@ -f ./test/napi.test.js


Before commit, ensure that the following checks are clean:

make prepush

Also see the note at the top that is used for code review for this repo.


Changes with possible user impact should:

  1. Add a note to the changelog (

  2. Bump the package version appropriately.

  3. Once merged to master, the new version should be tagged and published to npm via:

     make cutarelease

    To list to npm accounts that have publish access:

     npm owner ls sdc-clients

The desire is that users of this package use published versions in their package.json dependencies, rather than depending on git shas.