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This component allows you to have some control over contenteditable content. It's especially useful for when you need to implement something that a textarea or input field can't provide -- i.e., something like Twitter's tweet-box that implements syntax highlighting, and auto-link creation, as seen in the above example. If you're looking for simple inline-editing, this module can work for that too, but I would suggest using traditional input fields where possible for improved cross-browser compatibility, and better accessibility.

This module works well in the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and iOS Safari. It mostly works in IE, thanks to a series of unfortunate hacks. Further testing for accessibility and browser support is required, and other features need to be implemented, such as paragraph/newline support.

It's worth looking at the supplied example to get a sense of how to use this module.


$ npm install react-wysiwyg

Run the example

$ git clone && cd react-wysiwyg
$ npm install
$ make build
$ make example


var ContentEditable = require('react-wysiwyg');
var Example = React.createClass({
  getInitialState: function(){
    return {
      html: 'default text',
      placeholder: false,
      editing: false
  render: function(){
    return (
          placeholderText='Your Name'
        <button onClick={this.enableEditing}>
          Enable Editing
  onChange: function(textContent, setPlaceholder) {
    if (setPlaceholder) {
        placeholder: true,
        html: ''
    } else {
        placeholder: false,
        html: textContent
  enableEditing: function(){
    // set your contenteditable field into editing mode. 
    this.setState({ editing: true });


make test