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A simple CSV scrubber.

  • Read CSV from a file or STDIN
  • Write to STDOUT and/or one or more output files
  • Add, remove, and transform rows
  • Group rows by one or more columns for post processing as a group
  • Check for duplicate output rows (by groupings)


simple.js simple example that just merges some columns and gets rid of a row we don't want. Reads from STDIN and writes to STDOUT.

examples/simple.js < examples/simple.csv > out/simple.csv

We can also read from a file if you like that better.

examples/simple.js examples/simple.csv > out/simple.csv

attr.js is a fairly complex example modified from a real world use case. Writes to multiple output files specified in attr.js code.

examples/attr.js < examples/attr.csv

[TODO] Lookup examples