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Embeds scriptie-talkie in any html page, for instance blog posts, to provide interactive code samples.

How does this work

A good idea is to look at the example implementation and to see the resulting page.

All the work is done client side. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps below to properly include your code samples and the scriptie talkie JavaScript file itself.

Include code inside html

Any textarea with class scriptie-talkie will be converted into a scriptie-talkie, so this is the minimum you need:

<textarea class="scriptie-talkie">
  var o = Object.create({a : 1})
  o.a = 2;
  o.a = 1; 

Activate scriptie-talkie


It is recommended to use browserify in order to include scriptie-talkie in your bundle.

So lets assume you have a build script that specifies main.js as an entry, all you'd need to do there is:

var scriptieTalkieEmbed = require('scriptie-talkie-embed');

Make sure to execute the last line only once the page has loaded or just include the bundle at the bottom of your script as in the example I mentioned above.

It will then go and convert all your customized textareas into scriptie-talkies.

script tag

Alternatively you can include the following script tag in the body of your html file followed by an inline script that activates scriptie-talkie:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

Customize each scriptie-talkie

Customization is done via a data-scriptie-talkie property that may be added to each textarea.

So far only the following is supported: { sizeToEditor: true|false }, the default being false. Lets look at the above example again and this time add this customization:

<textarea class="scriptie-talkie" data-scriptie-talkie='{ sizeToEditor: true }'>
  var o = Object.create({a : 1})
  o.a = 2;
  o.a = 1; 

As you can see the config gets passed as a plain JavasScript object literal.

Future Features

More config options, particularly related to the sizing of the embedded scriptie-talkie.

{ readonly  :  true|false
, width     :  override
, height    :  override
, maxheight :  override