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Scriptflow CLI: Command Line Workflow Automation Tool

Updated Versions Need to Know

Release v1.0.0

  • We are now in our first major release! 🚀🚀
  • This release includes a new feature that allows you to set your default text editor for the edit command, a few bug fixes, and a new announcements command that displays a list of all the updates in the current version without having to visit the changelog.
  • The edit command now falls back to the default text editor set in the config file. If you have not set a default editor, you will need to specify the editor with the -openCommand (-o) or -path (-p) flag.

Patch 1.0.2:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the edit command to not work properly. the openCommand parameter was blocking opening
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tutorial not to fully load.
  • fixed a 'create' command bug that caused created flows not to run. if you are currently experiencing this issue, please run flow update

Scriptflow CLI is a sophisticated command-line interface (CLI) tool specifically designed for streamlining the management and execution of custom command flows. Compatible with various terminal profiles including Bash, Zsh, PowerShell, and CMD, Scriptflow CLI simplifies creating, listing, running, deleting, and editing command sequences with ease.


Install Scriptflow CLI globally using npm for easy access across your system:

npm install -g scriptflow-cli

This installation process integrates Scriptflow CLI seamlessly into your terminal, making the flow command globally accessible.


Scriptflow CLI enhances your command line efficiency with the following commands:

Initialize Scriptflow CLI

Start by initializing Scriptflow CLI to set up your preferred terminal profile and flow directory:

flow init


Stay updated with the latest changes and features:

flow news
This will list all the update >=1.0.0 announcements available to view by version.

Create a New Flow

Easily create a new command flow:

flow create

You'll be guided to define a flow name, path, and command sequence, culminating in a custom script tailored for your terminal environment.

List All Flows

View all your created flows with ease:

flow list

Execute a Flow

Run any predefined flow swiftly:

flow run <flowName>

Replace <flowName> with your desired flow's name.

Delete a Flow

Remove any existing flow:

flow delete <flowName>

Just replace <flowName> with the flow you wish to delete.

Edit a Flow

Modify any flow with your default text editor:

flow edit <flowName>

Change <flowName> to the name of the flow you intend to edit.


As of 1.0.0, the edit command is now open to any text editor that can be called from the terminal.

To change your default editor use the -openCommand (-o) flag with the flow init command.

// Open sublime text as the default editor

flow edit hello-world -o subl

If your editor is not in your PATH, you can use the -path (-p) flag to specify the path to the editor.

// Open sublime text as the default editor

flow edit hello-world -p /Applications/Sublime\

After setting the default editor you can use the edit command without specifying the editor.

Set to Default

Set scriptflow to default settings, with the option to delete flows:

flow default

After resetting you will need to re initialize Scriptflow with flow init

Update Scriptflow CLI

Keep your Scriptflow CLI up to date with the latest version:

flow update

or traditionally using the npm command:

npm update -g scriptflow-cli


Access the help menu for a list of all available commands:

flow help


Customize your Scriptflow CLI experience by tweaking the config.json file, allowing adjustments in terminal profiles and default settings.


Join the Scriptflow CLI community! Contributions, bug reports, and feature suggestions are welcome. Visit our GitHub repository for more details.


Scriptflow CLI is open-source, licensed under the MIT License. Refer to the LICENSE file for more information.

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