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This scm plugin extends the scm-base-class, and provides methods to fetch and update data in github.


npm install screwdriver-scm-github


The class has a variety of knobs to tweak when interacting with GitHub.

Parameter Type Description
config Object Configuration Object
config.gheHost (null) String If using GitHub Enterprise, the host/port of the deployed instance
config.gheProtocol (https) String If using GitHub Enterprise, the protocol to use
config.username (sd-buildbot) String GitHub username for checkout ( String GitHub user email for checkout
config.https (false) Boolean Is the Screwdriver API running over HTTPS
config.oauthClientId String OAuth Client ID provided by GitHub application
config.oauthClientSecret String OAuth Client Secret provided by GitHub application
config.fusebox ({}) Object [Circuit Breaker configuration][circuitbreaker]
config.secret String Secret to validate the signature of webhook events
const scm = new GithubScm({
    oauthClientId: 'abcdef',
    oauthClientSecret: 'hijklm',
    secret: 'somesecret'


For more information on the exposed methods please see the scm-base-class.


npm test


Code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE file for terms.