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Screwdriver Data Schema

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Internal data schema of Screwdriver


This contains the structure/validation for all the models/resources of Screwdriver.

It's broken down into five (5) sections:

  • api - API related input/output structure
  • config - Screwdriver.yaml definitions
  • models - Internal data resources (pipeline, job, build, collection etc.)
  • plugins - Plugins (datastore, executor, etc.)
  • core - SCM plugin related output structure


The model represents a combination of what is required to create the resource and what is possible for returning from the resource.


Each model contains eight (8) schemas:

  • base - List of all available fields in the model
  • allKeys - List of all fields in the model
  • get - Expected return values from a GET request against this resource
  • create - Expected input values when making a CREATE action against this resource
  • update - Expected input values when making an UPDATE action against this resource
  • keys - List of keys that combine to represent a unique row
  • tableName - Internal name of the table
  • indexes - Secondary indexes to make search/lookup faster


npm install screwdriver-data-schema


npm test


Code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE file for terms.