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    The most aptly-named way to take screenshots of pages with Electron.

    ⚠️ This is alpha software, no matter which tool you are using always check the screenshots yourself.


    Requires Node 6+. From the command line, run

    npm install -g screenshotron


    From the command line, run

    ✔ Generated 1 screenshot from 1 url and 1 size
    # With a specific time to wait for before screenshotroning 
    screenshotron --delay 3000
    ✔ Generated 2 screenshots from 2 urls and 1 size


    You first need to clone the project on your computer, and to install Node. This project uses nvm to execute a specific node version.

    Install the project with:

    git clone
    cd screenshotron
    nvm install
    npm install
    npm install -g eslint babel-eslint eslint-config-airbnb

    To run the tests:

    npm run test

    To release a new version:

    npm version minor -m "Release %s"
    git push origin master
    git push --tags
    npm publish

    Automated screenshot taking

    To take screenshots of web pages, you need to display the pages inside a browser. To do reliably and at large scales, you need the navigation to the site and dimensioning of the viewport to be automated. You need an automated (headless?) browser.

    The best automated browsers are:

    • PhantomJS (WebKit, engine of Safari, headless).
    • SlimerJS (Gecko, engine of Firefox, not truly headless yet).
    • Electron (Chromium/Blink, engine of Chrome, not truly headless?).

    I have had issues with the screenshots taken by Phantom (via pageres, via screenshot-stream), and SlimerJS (homemade), so it is now time to try Electron.

    Code originally taken from, and

    Here are common pitfalls of automated screenshot taking:

    • Web fonts support and loading
    • HTTPS or mixed-source support
    • Images loading
    • Animations that execute on page load (carousels)
    • Modals, overlays, and interstitials
    • EU-law cookie messages

    To research:


    npm i screenshotron

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