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    Translation of all Scratch projects is managed on the Transifex service:

    This repository collects translations submitted to the Scratch projects on Transifex. Please do not submit PRs. If you would like to contribute translations, please sign up to translate on Transifex.

    Using scratch-l10n in development


    npm install --save-dev scratch-l10n

    Basic Use

    import locales, {localeData, isRtl} from 'scratch-l10n';
    import editorMessages from 'scratch-l10n/locales/editor-messages';
    • locales: currently supported locales for the Scratch project
    • isRtl: function that returns true if the locale is one that is written right-to-left
    • localeData: locale data for the supported locales, in the format accepted by addLocaleData required by react-intl
    • editorMessages: the actual message strings for all supported locales for a particular resource. editorMessages collects all the strings for the interface, extensions and paint-editor.

    Useful Scripts

    scratch-l10n provides:

    • build-i18n-src: script that uses babel and plugins to extract all FormattedMessage strings for translation. Combines the message from all the source files into one en.json
    • tx-push-src: script to push the en.json file to Transifex. Requires that the environment variable TX_TOKEN is set with a value that has developer access to the Scratch projects on Transifex (i.e. Scratch Team only)


    scratch-l10n uses semantic versioning - breaking changes will increment the major version number, and new features (e.g. a new language) will increment the minor version number. However, the patch number is actually a datetime string. That way it's easy to see how recently the translations were updated.

    In general, changes that require a PR (new functionality, new language) should increment the minor version. Pulling new translations from Transifex is automated and will commit to master directly.


    We are moving away from using the tx cli, so the .tx/config file will eventually be deprecated.




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