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GitHub's markup and CSS keep changing, and it's not worth it to me to keep this updated, since that means constantly patching deps. Sorry, folks.

This is a little command-line utility to scrape Github for useful things!

It's essentially just a wrapper around this.

Installation: npm i -g scrapegh.


scrapegh username
scrapegh username repos
scrapegh username followers
scrapegh username following
scrapegh username starred
scrapegh username reponame
  • You can see the above with scrapegh -h.

  • It'll give you what you've asked for, in nice, pretty JSON.

  • Try it with jq: scrapegh zacanger following | jq .

  • Or with ccat: scrapegh r-walsh | ccat.

  • Or with prettyjson: scrapegh geordyn repos | prettyjson

  • Or just on its own: scrapegh pharaoh-js pharaoh

  • To do:

    • Better message (instead of 404) for non-existent users
    • Better way to get rid of the banner text
    • Features
    • Usability
    • Decent docs
    • Tests
    • Using all of github-scraper's functionality in this tool.
    • Basically everything