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Scrape Google Images

A TypeScript library for scraping images from Google Images using Puppeteer.

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To use this library, you'll need Node.js installed on your machine. Then, you can install it via npm:

npm install scrape-google-images


import { scrapeImages } from 'scrape-google-images';

const query = 'cats';
const options = {
    limit: 10,
    imgSize: 'm',
    imgType: 'photo',
    imgColor: 'color',
    imgar: 'xw',
    fileType: 'jpg',
    safe: false,
    siteSearch: '',
    rights: '',
    metadata: true,
    imgData: false,
    engine: 'pupeeteer'

const images = await scrapeImages(query, options);


The pick function accepts an optional options object with the following properties:

Option Type Default Description
limit number 10 Maximum number of images to retrieve. (max: 100)
imgSize string '' Filter images by size (e.g., 'l''m''i''qsvga''vga''svga''xga').
imgType string '' Filter images by type (e.g., 'clipart''face''lineart''stock''photo').
imgColor string '' Filter images by color (e.g., 'mono''gray''color''trans').
imgar string '' Filter images by aspect ratio (e.g., 't', 's', 'w', 'xw')
fileType string '' Filter images by file type (e.g., 'jpg''gif''png''bmp''svg''webp').
safe boolean false Enable safe search filter.
siteSearch string '' Search for images from a specific website.
rights string '' Filter images by usage rights (e.g., 'cl' for creative commons, 'ol' for other).
random boolean false Randomize the order of search results.
metadata boolean true Include image metadata in the results.
imgData boolean false Include base64 image data in the results.
engine string pupeeteer Lib used to scrap Google Images Data. pupeeteer or cheerio


The pick function returns a Promise that resolves to an array of PickResult objects, each containing the following properties:

Property Type Description
src string The URL of the image.
imgData string The base64 image data (if imgData is true).
description string The image description or alt text.
source string The URL of the source website.
metadata object The image metadata (if metadata is true).

The metadata object has the following properties:

Property Type Description
width number The width of the image.
height number The height of the image.
format sharp.FormatEnum The format of the image.


This library is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.

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