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Scrambling Letters

A lightweight javascript library for scrambling letters within a piece of text, giving a nice decoding effect.

Loops through any elements with the relevant data attribute and scrambles the letters randomly for a couple of seconds before returning them one by one to their original state.

Demo Page

Codepen initial POC


  • Test suite.
  • Browser support improvements.
  • Better handling of sub-tags.

Get Scrambling Letters


  • Download the Scrambling Letters dist files from Github or from NPM or Yarn.
  • Include the minified scramble.min.js file in the manner of your choice. This will allow you to access the new Scrambler() function.


  • Scrambler() needs to be told which piece of text to scramble.
  • Initiate a Scrambler instance by calling Scrambler() with a valid selector or data-attribute.
  • If you wish to add configuration, pass Scrambler an object containing config options (see below).


  • Scrambler will keep text that lives inside a sub-tag like a span or link, but will eat any markup. This will be addressed in a later version, but for now best practice is to use quite granular targeting.
  • Of course, you can target generic tags but avoid certain elements by using something similar to this: ':not(.no-scramble)'.


You can configure your Scrambler instance by passing an object. The available options are as follows:


Purpose: This is the text you wish to Scramble! Pass a selector or data attribute (or anything else valid for document.querySelectorAll).
Type: string
Default: '[data-scrambler]'
Required: Yes.


Purpose: This controls the randomised time before each letter returns to its original state. The first value is the minimum delay and the second value is the maximum. E.g. changing [1000, 3000] to [1000, 6000] would increase the maximum time.
Type: array
Default: [1000, 3000]
Required: No.


Purpose: This controls the speed a which the letters will change. I would advise leaving it at the default 100, but you can tweak this value if you desire.
Type: integer
Default: 100
Required: No.


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