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    A tiny (330B to 357B) and fast utility to find a module's hidden supply / cache directory.

    With scorta, you can locate a module's private .cache directory by name. This is a common practice among many popular libraries, including AVA, nyc, Babel, etc.

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    When searching, the following steps are taken:

    1. Echo the value of process.env.CACHE_DIR if defined and truthy
    2. Traverse parent directories until a package.json file is found
    3. If a package.json was found, return a node_modules/.cache/{name} path only if it's not read-only
    4. All other cases return a fallback, which is either undefined or a os.tmpdir value

    Why "scorta"? It's Italian for a stock or a supply, which is generally the purpose for a .cache directory.


    $ npm install --save scorta


    There are two "versions" of scorta available:


    Node.js: >= 8.x
    Size (gzip): 357 bytes
    Availability: CommonJS, ES Module

    This is the primary/default mode. It makes use of async/await and util.promisify.


    Node.js: >= 6.x
    Size (gzip): 330 bytes
    Availability: CommonJS, ES Module

    This is the opt-in mode, ideal for scenarios where async usage cannot be supported.


    Example Structure

      ├── fixtures
        └── empty.js
      └── demo
        └── node_modules/...
        └── package.json
        └── index.js

    Example Usage

    // demo/index.js
    import { join } from 'path';
    import { scorta } from 'scorta';
    const fixtures = join(__dirname, '..', 'fixtures');
    await scorta('hello');
    //=> "/example/demo/node_modules/.cache/hello"
    await scorta('hello', { cwd: fixtures });
    //=> undefined
    await scorta('hello', { cwd: fixtures, tmpdir: true });
    //=> "/var/folders/77/hdmgkj_x2l7454w0y5lwv2l80000gn/T"

    Note: To run the above example with "sync" mode, import from scorta/sync & remove the awaits.


    scorta(name, options)

    Returns: Promise<string|void> or string|void

    When scorta locates a valid directory, the value will always be an absolute path (string).

    However, if scorta cannot locate a valid, writable directory, then the return value is undefined by default. However, this can be changed via the tmpdir option.

    The sync and async versions share the same API.
    The only difference is that sync is not Promise-based.


    Type: string

    The target module's name.

    This value is used to construct the final .cache directory path. For example:

    await scorta('hello');
    //=> /.../node_modules/.cache/hello


    Type: string
    Default: .

    The directory where path resolution should begin. Defauls to the process.cwd() – aka, the directory that your process is run within.


    Type: boolean
    Default: false

    When truthy, scorta will return a os.tmpdir() value instead of undefined.

    Important: When this option is in use, scorta always yields a string!


    Running on Node.js v10.13.0

    # Load Time
      find-cache-dir  11.628ms
      scorta           1.326ms
      scorta/sync      0.508ms
    # Levels: 0 (target = "foo"):
      find-cache-dir   x 10,700 ops/sec ±0.55% (82 runs sampled)
      scorta/sync      x 11,060 ops/sec ±0.83% (88 runs sampled)
      scorta           x 80,804 ops/sec ±2.22% (74 runs sampled)
    # Levels: 6 (target = "bar"):
      find-cache-dir   x  2,107 ops/sec ±0.42% (89 runs sampled)
      scorta/sync      x  5,507 ops/sec ±0.46% (91 runs sampled)
      scorta           x 78,593 ops/sec ±4.03% (79 runs sampled)
    # Levels: 11 (target = "baz"):
      find-cache-dir   x  1,377 ops/sec ±0.36% (93 runs sampled)
      scorta/sync      x  3,892 ops/sec ±0.25% (95 runs sampled)
      scorta           x 76,641 ops/sec ±6.92% (68 runs sampled)


    • escalade - A tiny (183B to 210B) utility to ascend parent directories
    • totalist - A tiny (195B to 224B) utility to recursively list all (total) files in a directory
    • mk-dirs - A tiny (380B to 420B) utility to make a directory and its parents, recursively


    MIT © Luke Edwards


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