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    Score Board is a fun, very easy to setup, dashboard that displays stats about players and games. Simply write the scores in a Spreadsheet and configure this dashboard to display some stats.


    • Relationship Graph: A graph showing who is playing against who.
    • Rankings: Current rankings and how they evolved over time.
    • Activity: Calendar showing how frequently games are played.
    • Multiple Games: Supports showing stats about multiple games (picking which game to display stats for)

    Try it out:

    QuickStart with Google Sheets

    The easiest backend to setup is Google Sheets.

    1. Make a copy of the following Google Sheet
      In Google Sheets, click "File" > "Make a Copy".

    2. Publish your new Sheet
      In Google Sheets, click "File" > "Publish to the web". Select Comma-Seperated values (.csv) instead of "Web Page" for the format.

    3. Get the sheet ID, and the published ID (they are different)
      The ID of the sheet is part its URL.{sheetId}/edit?usp=sharing
      The ID of the published sheet if also part of its URL.{publishedId}/pub?output=csv

    4. Fill this link
      Just put the IDs in this link and you are done!{publishedId}&config.backend.sheetId={sheetId}


    Score Board does not require any installation or server.

    You can use it directly from GitHub and configure it by using query parameters.

    OR you can also give it as a JSON string{json}

    OR you can host your config JSON somewhere and use the configUrl query parameter{}

    OR if you decide to host the frontend on your own server, you can also just modify index.html and set the config on window.config

    <script type="text/javascript">
        window.config = {config}


    Backend: Google Sheets

    To use Google Sheets, you only need the ID of the sheet where you store the scores and its published ID. The configuration for using Google Sheets is the following:

      "backend": {
        "type": "google-sheets-published",
        "publishedId": "{publishedId}",
        "sheetId": "{sheetId}"

    When using query parameters it looks like this:

    Backend: Rest API

    This is the backend used by by Score Board Server. A basic implementation of a Rest API backend.

      "backend": {
        "type": "rest-api",
        "url": "",
        "dataUrl": "optional url where a user can see the full data"

    Backend: Random

    This backend is just here for demo. This just generates random scores.

      "backend": {
        "type": "random"

    Host it yourself

    Nothing easier. Just copy the files in public on your web server.


    The best way to work on this project is to run npm run dev. This will start a web server on the port 8080. You can then open http://localhost:8080/ in your favorite browser. Any change you make to the code or CSS will be built and the browser will automagically update.

    You may also run the following commands:

    • npm run build to build the project
    • npm run lint to lint the code


    This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.




    npm i score-board-ui

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