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schmuckliCloud Storage SDK for JavaScript

This is a part package for the schmuckliCloud service. It connects your application to the storage service.

Use in Node.js and other loaders


To install the package, you need the npm CLI. Afterwards, install the package by typing

npm install schmucklicloud_storage

in the terminal. The package will now automatically be installed.

Getting started

Import first the module in your code. Then initialize a new sCStorage object and provide also the APP ID and APP Secret in the constructor. You can get the credentials by opening the schmuckliCloud console and open a project. Then in the bottom, you will find a

import { sCStorage } from 'schmucklicloud_storage';

var reference = new sCStorage('YOUR_APPID', 'YOUR_APPSECRET');

Now after you have your reference object, you can start writing and reading data from your storage buckets. Before you can do that, you first have to set some important values, which will be appended to every request you are doing later:

reference.setBucket(201); //The bucket id. You find the bucket ID in the schmuckliCloud console
reference.setDataset('abc'); //This could be a user id or a simple word.

Now you are ready to handle all schmuckliCloud Storage requests.

Use in browser directly


If you want to use the schmuckliCloud service directly in the DOM itself, just simply include the following file in a script tag in before the body tag closes.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Now you are ready to contact the schmuckliCloud also via the JavaScript SDK.

Getting started

First initialize the object sCStorage in your JavaScript code with the API credentials from your project.

//IMPORTANT: Initialize the object from the 'schmuckliCloud' library.
var ref = new schmuckliCloud.sCStorage("YOUR_APPID", "YOUR_APPSECRET");



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