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    Sentry Webpack Plugin

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    A webpack plugin acting as an interface to Sentry CLI.


    Using npm:

    $ npm install @sentry/webpack-plugin --only=dev

    Using yarn:

    $ yarn add @sentry/webpack-plugin --dev

    CLI Configuration

    You can use either .sentryclirc file or ENV variables described here


    const SentryCliPlugin = require('@sentry/webpack-plugin');
    const config = {
      plugins: [
        new SentryCliPlugin({
          include: '.',
          ignoreFile: '.sentrycliignore',
          ignore: ['node_modules', 'webpack.config.js'],
          configFile: '',

    Also, check the example directory.


    • release [optional] - unique name of a release, must be a string, should uniquely identify your release, defaults to sentry-cli releases propose-version command which should always return the correct version (requires access to git CLI and root directory to be a valid repository).
    • include [required] - string or array, one or more paths that Sentry CLI should scan recursively for sources. It will upload all .map files and match associated .js files
    • entries [optional] - array or RegExp or function(key: string): bool, a filter for entry points that should be processed. By default, the release will be injected into all entry points.
    • ignoreFile [optional] - string, path to a file containing list of files/directories to ignore. Can point to .gitignore or anything with same format
    • ignore [optional] - string or array, one or more paths to ignore during upload. Overrides entries in ignoreFile file. If neither ignoreFile or ignore are present, defaults to ['node_modules']
    • configFile [optional] - string, path to Sentry CLI config properties, as described in By default, the config file is looked for upwards from the current path and defaults from ~/.sentryclirc are always loaded
    • ext [optional] - array, this sets the file extensions to be considered. By default the following file extensions are processed: js, map, jsbundle and bundle.
    • urlPrefix [optional] - string, this sets an URL prefix at the beginning of all files. This defaults to ~/ but you might want to set this to the full URL. This is also useful if your files are stored in a sub folder. eg: url-prefix '~/static/js'
    • urlSuffix [optional] - string, this sets an URL suffix at the end of all files. Useful for appending query parameters.
    • validate [optional] - boolean, this attempts sourcemap validation before upload when rewriting is not enabled. It will spot a variety of issues with source maps and cancel the upload if any are found. This is not the default as this can cause false positives.
    • stripPrefix [optional] - array, when paired with rewrite this will chop-off a prefix from uploaded files. For instance you can use this to remove a path that is build machine specific.
    • stripCommonPrefix [optional] - boolean, when paired with rewrite this will add ~ to the stripPrefix array.
    • sourceMapReference [optional] - boolean, this prevents the automatic detection of sourcemap references.
    • rewrite [optional] - boolean, enables rewriting of matching sourcemaps so that indexed maps are flattened and missing sources are inlined if possible., defaults to true
    • dryRun [optional] - boolean, attempts a dry run (useful for dev environments)
    • debug [optional] - boolean, print some useful debug information

    You can find more information about these options in our official docs:


    npm i schettino-webpack-plugin

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