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Schema Check

Schema Check is an object validation and checking package designed to allow you to easily restrict what can be put on certain fields on a JavaScript Object.

Uses Object.defineProperty and private fields prefixed with '__'

To Install:

npm install schema-check


Pass in an object, schema and options (additional settings for the SchemaCheck)

var SchemaCheck = require('schema-check');
var obj = {
  name: "test",
  rating: 5,
  settings: {
    is_active: true
var schema = {
  name: {
    type: "string",
    allow_nulls: false,
    editable: false,
  rating: {
    type: "number"
  settings: {
    is_active: {
      type: "boolean"
var options = {
  //Should additional fields be allowed?  Defaults to false 
  is_strict: false, //TODO - this isn't working yet 
  //Does adding an invalid field throw a TypeError or fail silently?  Defaults to true 
  throw_error: true
var newObj = SchemaCheck(obj, schema, options);
SchemaCheck(obj, schema);
//Modifying Name doesn't work since editable is false = "bob";; //test 
//Modifying Rating does work 
obj.rating = 10;
obj.rating; //10 
//Trying to set rating to a string throws an error 
obj.rating = "10"; //Throws TypeError; 
//Set a nested value 
obj.settings.is_active = false;
//Throws error 
obj.settings.is_active = "true";  //Throws TypeError; 

Schemas can have the following format:

  field: {
    type: 'string',       //string, number, boolean 
    regex: /^test$/,      //regex - for string types only 
    min: 5,               //number minimum - value must be greater than or equal to this number - number types only 
    max: 5,               //number maximum - value must be less than or equal to this number - number types only 
    allow_nulls: false,   //true, false - default false - can you have nulls in this field? 
    allow_delete: false,  //true, false - default false - can you delete this field? 
    editable: false       //true, false - default true - is there a Setter? 

Working So Far:

  • Number
  • String
  • Regex: Can lock down Setter with Regex for String Types
  • Boolean
  • Nested Numbers/Strings
  • Min/Max (Numbers Only)

To Do:

  • Arrays?
  • Typed Arrays?
  • Make requests :)

View the Github repo here:

Also added debug, so if you want to view logging levels the debug strings are:

  • schema:error
  • schema:warn
  • schema:log
  • schema:test

I'll try to add more logs as well using debug